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Our Vision

“At Proud Planet Renewables, our goal is bigger than reducing our carbon footprint, it is to succeed with a positive impact in the fight against climate change.” – James, Founder

Renewable Resources. Energy Efficiency. Sustainable Solutions.

Going green is not a trend, it’s mandatory. It’s important that we continue to develop our high standards for environmental friendliness and prioritize the cutting edge innovation of eco sustainability. We understand that being eco-friendly is much more than simply not harming the environment.

With over 25 years of experience, our founders saw the growing need for eco-friendly packaging solutions. It is up to us, as a globe, to find sustainable alternatives to packaging material such as Styrofoam and plastic. Today, we are proud to display our biodegradable and recyclable products to the largest markets, ensuring the food industry can stay ahead of environmental concerns.


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We create sustainable products

Being truly eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is entwined
throughout every aspect of our identity. By doing our part, we create sustainable products with ethical sourcing, ensuring the manufacturing and production is environmentally responsible, with an obligation of protecting the Earth.

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