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Renewable Resources. Energy Efficiency. Sustainable Solutions.

Fundamentally changing the way we do takeaway. At Proud Planet, going green isn’t a trend, it’s our lifestyle. Our team puts in the hours to ensure we’ve found the best quality eco products that get delivered exactly how you expect it. The goal is to make compostable and recyclable products accessible to everyone, eliminating barriers and boosting ecosystems.

“They helped me stock my restaurant with food containers, so pleased that everything was compostable. Setting up regular purchases.”

Phil MartinezGolden Egg Restaurant

“The carton sizes are convenient for my café, and shipping was a smooth process.”

Thomas KDelish Cafe
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Vietnam is a country under exponential growth, quickly tapping into the sustainable market and providing industry leading ecological goods. It is no surprise that with access to locally sourced raw materials, such as sugarcane fiber and bamboo, we’re able to manufacture compostable containers with exceptional quality at affordable prices.

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Bagasse, Kraft, PET. What does it mean, and is it really eco-friendly? Wow your customers with helpful material info.

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We create sustainable products with ethical sourcing

With over 25 years of experience, our founders saw the growing need for eco-friendly packaging solutions. It is up to us, as a globe, to find sustainable alternatives to packaging materials such as styrofoam and plastic. Today, we are proud to display our biodegradable and recyclable products to the largest markets, ensuring the food industry can stay ahead of environmental concerns.

Nikita Cohen

Private Print Paper Cups, Clamshell Containers

"I've been using Proud Planets clamshells and paper cups for my restaurant, a few months now. They print my logo on the cups within reasonable shipping time, it's not a difficult process. I must say, I'll likely continue to use this company because they're personable and easy to order from."

What do our customers have to say?

Jeff Luan

Takeaway Boxes, Paper Bags & Cutlery

"If you're ordering compostable packaging, this is a good options. I've use them for catering, customers are happy to see me using eco friendly packaging.


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