Recyclable Hot Cup Lid

Packed: 50 Cups x 20 Sleeves

Leak-proof, heat tolerant Hot Cup Lid to complete any matching size of our Hot Cups. Fully recyclable and designed for a smooth sipping experience. 

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Hot Cup Lids

Recyclable Hot Cup lids make for a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience with a secure fit and ease of putting on. Made from PP plastic, these lids are fully recyclable. 

As the industry standard, recyclable lids are perfect for all sorts of takeaway and our customers frequently use them in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, catering and events. Talk to us about specific designs and private label boxes!  


  • 80mm Suitable for 8oz cups / 90mm, suitable for 12oz, 16oz, 20oz cups 
  • Made from no. 5 PP plastic 
  • Fully Recyclable 
  • Used for hot or cold beverages, up to 90 degrees celsius

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