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What is the delivery time?

  • For items warehoused in America, shipping will vary between 2-7 days depending on your location. 
  • For wholesale orders, we will speak to you directly regarding your lead time. Average time is 30 days after deposit.

Do the products come with print?

There are 3 options to choose from: 

  • Products with no print, as displayed in the shop 
  • Products with a simple green logo. A universal green strip to cater to all businesses. Check out the product page for more information. 
  • Private label print.  Use your own branding to create the perfect product, MOQ’s apply. 

Can I add a custom print?

Yes of course! We offer custom print on all applicable products, including the shipping boxes and sleeves. Send us a message for detailed information on MOQs, lead times and cost. We look forward to showcasing your brand! 

Can I order for my restaurant? Do you do wholesale prices?

Yes and Yes! We specialize in wholesale orders, providing secure services along the way. Whether you’re looking to supply takeaway packaging for your restaurants, grocery store, or personal use, we can assist you in getting the right amount of stock on time. 

Our wholesale prices are highly advantageous and can include shipping to any North American city. We’ll work with you individually to establish the products and quantities required, provide personalized print and packaging and ensure the process is a breeze. 

Where are the products manufactured? Can you tell me more about the factories?

  • All products are manufactured in Vietnam, unless otherwise noted. Some products may be occasionally supplied from outside Vietnam due to Covid-19 related issues. In this circumstance, we will notify you about the change of manufacture. 
  • Our partnered manufacturers meet all international inspection standards. We are happy to forward the certifications for added security and comfort. 
  • The manufacturer’s number of employees ranges from 200-1000 and are located in both the North and South of Vietnam. This allows us the advantage of shipping from any of the local ports. 
  • Over 5 years of manufacturing experience, using industry leading technology and machinery. 

Where are the raw materials sourced from?

An estimate of 60% of our raw materials come from within Vietnam, while the remainder is imported from countries such as Japan.

Are the products completely biodegradable? Can I compost them in my neighborhood compost bin?

  • All of our products labeled ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable’ are certified true bio products, containing only natural raw materials that can be decomposed. 
  • While all are compostable in industrial facilities, check with your local services to ensure they are accepted in the local compost bin. 
  • Products labeled as  ‘recyclable’ should not be placed directly in the compost bin. Industrial facilities will properly dispose of them in an ecological manner.



Compostable And Recyclable 

  • Bagasse Food containers 
  • Kraft Paper Food Containers with PLA Lining 
  • Kraft Paper bags (with or without Handles) 
  • Kraft Paper sleeves
  • Paper Hot Cups with Aqueous or PLA coating 
  • Bagasse Hot Cup Lids
  • Wooden Cutlery
  • Paper Hot Cups with PE coating
  • PET/ rPET Cold Cups and Lids
  • PP Cold Cups and Lids 
  • PS / PP Hot Cup Lids 

  • Paper Hot Cups with Aqueous or PLA coating 
  •  Kraft Paper bags (with or without Handles)
  • Kraft Paper Sleeves
  • Corrugated Cup Sleeves

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