Plastic Clear Cups

Wholesale Plastic Cups Packed: 25 Cups / 20 Sleeves

PET cold cups for those picture-worthy drinks. Made from a strong recyclable plastic, these cups are perfect for cafes, restaurants, grocery stores and takeaway. Plastic Cups with Dome and Flat Lids for Wholesale ordering. Custom Print Plastic Cups Available. 

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Bulk Plastic Cups with Lids

PET Plastic, Polyethylene terephthalate, is the world’s most recycled material, continuously being repurposed. Our Cold Cups are widely used by eco-conscious companies, chosen for their exceptional quality. They display a no. 1 PET recycle symbol on the bottom for easy home recycling. All cups are available with matching dome or flat lids and come in various diameters. 


  • Made from polyethylene terephthalate, a lightweight and strong material 
  • Certified naturally BPA Free
  • No. 1 PET recyclable. Able to be recycled in home facilities, check with your local jurisdiction for certainty. 
  • Freezer safe. Can hold iced beverages.
  • Wholesale Orders
PET03-1293 12/14 oz PET 266ml/9oz 93-57-107
PET03-1693 16 oz PET 473ml/16oz 93-56-148
PET03-2093 20 oz PET 591ml/20oz 93-56-70
PET03-2498 24 oz PET 710ml/24oz 93-59-154
PET03-1298 12/14 oz PET 432ml/14oz 98-56-109
PET03-1698 16/18 oz PET 473ml/16oz 98-59-120
PET03-2098 20 oz PET 591ml/20oz 98-59-130
PET03-2498 24 oz PET 710ml/24oz 98-59-154

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12oz Cold Cup, 16oz Cold Cup, 20oz Cold Cup

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