Ripple Wall Paper Cup

Packed: 25 Cups / 20 Sleeves

Eco-Friendly Ripple Walled Paper Cups, double wall insulated and high heat tolerance. Lined with Recyclable or Compostable coatings and available for wholesale, bulk orders. 

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Ripple Wall Paper Cups

The strongest, most heat tolerant paper cup is the Ripple Wall. Double Layers for additional heat protection and insulation with a textured exterior wall. The Eco-friendly Ripple walled cup is coated with a recyclable PE lining to maintain the cup’s rigidness. Fitted with Recyclable PE or Bagasse Lids (sold separately). Wholesale orders with Global Shipping.


  • Made from Renewable Sources, Eco-friendly¬†
  • Custom Colors available
  • Heat tolerant up to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Matching lids available, Compostable or Recyclable.
SKU Size Diameter Height
RCS048 8oz | 236ml 80mm 93mm
PCS0412 12oz | 354mm 90mm 110mm
PCS0416 16oz | 473mm 90mm 130 mm
PCS0420 20oz | 325mm 90mm 165mm

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